Discover how to compose the perfect shot

How you compose a photograph can determine what your image communicates.

Blue Fier is a master of composition technique,

and the advice he shares in this essential book teaches you to bring together subjects, lighting, color, depth of field, and design elements to produce photos that make powerful statements.

Study the techniques, complete the assignments, gather

feedback at pwsbooks.com, and watch what develops.

• Understand how we see and how composition impacts

the eye

• Learn how shutter speed, lighting, and depth of field

effects composition

• Control colors and understand their symbolism

• Master the elements of design

• Discover special techniques for people, travel, and still


ISBN-10: 0-470-11436-3 • ISBN-13: 978-0-470-11436-0 7 3/8 x 9 3/16 • 272 pp.

$29.99 US / $35.99 CAN / £19.99 UK

The book has been translated into Spanish, Czech, Polish, Mandarin Chinese, and also is available as an e-book.

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